Various Recovery Resources
Name Features Description
Dirty Girls Ministries online groups, telecoaching Founded by Crystal Renaud, Dirty Girls Ministries hosts online groups for women who are struggling with pornography and sexual addiction. The worldview is Christian.
Fight the New Drug articles, program Fight the New Drug (FTND) is an organization whose goal is to educate the public and to encourage the culture at large to think critically about its current acceptance of pornography. FTND frequently does research and publishes stories that other like-minded organizations reference. They also have created a mobile app called "Fortify" that is designed to help pornasexuals think more deeply about the effects porn has on them and why they should quit using porn. Clay Olsen is the co-founder and main face of the organization. The worldview is non-religious. links The list of organizations on the Pluckeye contains links to various online resources and programs that relate to porn addiction and the effects of porn. The author of the site got the list of organizations from Internet searches and personal contacts. The list is not vetted for quality of material. The worldview is Christian and other. links The resources and tools page of the setfreesummit site includes various links to and descriptions of materials such as books, dvds, programs, and more offered by those who exhibited at the setfreesummit (the setfreesummit was focused on discussing porn use in the church). The worldview is Christian.
Pure Desire books, counseling, conferences Pure Desire is best know for their Conqueror DVD series with Ted Roberts. The DVD series is most useful in a male Christian recovery and accountability group. Pure Desire also has other materials, primarily books and counseling, helpful for ministers, betrayed spouses, or for individuals trying to quit porn. The worldview is Christian.
Reboot Nation forum An online forum intended to help those seeking to quit porn (aka "rebooting") find mutual support. The site is non-religious, and it is related to Your Brain On Porn. The worldview is scientific.
The Porn Effect program The Porn Effect is designed to help individuals end their pornography addiction. Catholic in origin, the site contains a "battle plan" that encorporates spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, and accountability. It is highly regarded by the editor because it dares to recommend fasting and prayer. The worldview is Christian.
Your Brain On Porn articles Your Brain On Porn (YBOP) is a site that documents the effect porn has on the brain. It offers a variety of information and resources for those hoping to quit porn. The worldview is scientific.